SN 2006cf

Circular No. 8710

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SUPERNOVA 2006cf IN UGC 6015

N. Ponticello and J. Burket report the LOSS discovery (cf.
IAUC 8709), on KAIT images taken on May 11.26 and 12.25 UT, of an
apparent supernova (mag about 18) located at R.A. = 10h54m02s.58,
Decl. = +46o01'36".3 (equinox 2000.0), which is 0".2 east and 4".5
south of the nucleus of UGC 6015.  An independent discovery of
2006cf at mag 17.3 has been reported by T. Puckett and D. Toth on
CCD images taken with a 0.60-m reflector at Ellijay, GA, on May
13.12 (cf. IAUC 8709).  Additional unfiltered CCD magnitudes:  Jan.
26, [19.5 (Puckett); Apr. 30.27, [19.0 (KAIT); May 14.19, 17.2 (A.
Sehgal, 0.50-m reflector, Osoyoos, BC).  Puckett provides position
end figures 02s.65, 36".7 for 2006cf.


Host galaxy info: vel =12457 km/s, 0.83 x 0.65; 14.7; Scd:

SN type info: Ia


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