SN 2006lc

CBET 693

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SUPERNOVA 2006lc IN NGC 7364

Further to IAUC 8762, D. Winslow and W. Li report the
independent LOSS discovery of 2006lc on unfiltered KAIT images,
noting it to be considerably brighter than indicated on CBET
688, as shown by the following KAIT magnitudes:  Oct. 19.20
UT, [18.7; 24.19, 18.2; 25.21, 17.9.  The LOSS position for 2006lc
is R.A. = 22h44m24s.45, Decl. = -0d09'53".9 (equinox 2000.0),
which is 1".4 east and 10".0 south of the nucleus of NGC 7364
(the host galaxy was not specified on CBET 688).

Host galaxy info: vel = 4865 km/s; 1.5 x 1.0; 13.4g; S0/a pec:

SN type info: Ib


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