SN 2006ot

Electronic Telegram No. 754

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SUPERNOVA 2006ot IN ESO 544-G31

Further to IAUC 8771, N. Joubert and W. Li report the LOSS discovery
of an apparent supernova (mag 17.4) on unfiltered KAIT images taken on
Nov. 22.28 UT.  SN 2006ot is located at R.A. = 2h15m04s.84, Decl. =
-20o45'58".2 (equinox 2000.0), which is 3".3 east and 5".4 north of the
center of ESO 544-G31.  A KAIT image taken on Oct. 20.39 showed nothing
at this position (limiting mag 18.5).
R. J. Foley and A. V. Filippenko, University of California,
Berkeley, report that inspection of CCD spectra (range 300-950 nm),
obtained on Nov. 23 UT with the Keck I 10-m telescope (+ LRIS), shows
that 2006ot is a type-Ia supernova with a spectral-feature age (Riess et
al. 1997, A.J. 114, 722) of -4.7 +/- 2 days relative to maximum light.
Adopting a recession velocity of 15871 km/s (da Costa et al. 1998, A.J.
116, 1), the minimum of the Si II 635.5-nm absorption is found to be
blueshifted by 16800 km/s.  The object has a prominent ultraviolet excess
relative to most type-Ia supernovae.

Host galaxy info: vel =15871 km/s; 1.1 x 0.4; 15.43; Sa

SN type info: Ia


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