SN 2007V

Electronic Telegram No. 841

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Further to IAUC 8804, N. Joubert and W. Li report the LOSS discovery
of an apparent supernova (mag 17.9) on an unfiltered KAIT image taken on
Feb. 12.46 UT.  The new object was confirmed on earlier images taken on
Jan. 18.43 (at mag 16.7) and 30.40 (mag 17.4).  SN 2007V is located at R.A.
= 10h27m05s.58, Decl. = -3o18'05".1 (equinox 2000.0), which is 0".3 east
and 1".8 south of the center of the apparent host galaxy.  KAIT images
taken on 2006 Dec. 3.55 (limiting mag 18.7) and 30.47 (limiting mag 18.4)
showed nothing at this position.

N. Morrell, S. Gonzalez, and G. Folatelli, on behalf of the Carnegie
Supernova Project, report that spectroscopy of 2007V, obtained on Feb. 13.29
UT with the 2.5-m du Pont telescope (+ WFCCD spectrograph) at Las Campanas
Observatory, shows this to be a type-Ia supernova about one month after
maximum light.  Assuming a recession velocity of 9100 km/s for the host
galaxy (LCRS B102433.3-030244; Colless et al. 2001, "The 2DF Galaxy Redshift
Survey Final Data Release",, the
'superfit' spectrum comparison code (Howell et al. 2005, Ap.J. 634, 1190)
provides very good fits to spectra of SN 1996X and SN 1998bu between 28 and
32 days after maximum light.

Host galaxy info: vel = 9100 km/s

SN type info: Ia


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