SN 2007fr

Electronic Telegram No. 1001

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SUPERNOVAE 2007fo, 2007fq, AND 2007fr

    Further to IAUC 8851, J. Chu and W. Li report the LOSS discovery of
two apparent supernovae on unfiltered KAIT images:

SN       2007 UT       R.A.  (2000.0)  Decl.     Mag.      Offset
2007fq   July 14.35   20 34 55.80  -23 06 15.8   17.3   3".3 W, 2".8 N
2007fr   July 14.40   21 37 08.74  +00 26 13.8   18.9   5".5 E, 33".5 S

Additional KAIT magnitudes for 2007fq in MCG -04-48-19, June 25.40 UT,
[18.8; July 15.35, 17.4.  Additional KAIT magnitudes for 2007fr:  June
21.48, [19.3; 28.42, [18.5; July 15.35, 18.6.

     L.-B. Desroches, X. Wang, M. Ganeshalingam, and A. V. Filippenko,
University of California, Berkeley, report that inspection of CCD
spectra (range 340-1000 nm), obtained on July 15 UT with the 3-m Shane
telescope (+ Kast) at Lick Observatory, shows that 2007fr is a type-Ia
supernova, probably a few days before maximum brightness.  Removing a
recession velocity of 15025 km/s (Huchra et al. 1999, Ap.J. Suppl. 121,
287), the minimum of the 635.5-nm Si II absorption is blueshifted by
about 11300 km/s.

         Desroches et al. add that inspection of CCD spectra, obtained as
above on July 15 UT, shows that 2007fo (CBET 997) is a supernova of
type Ib (or perhaps type Ic, but prominent He I lines appear to be
present), probably within a week after maximum brightness.


Host galaxy info: vel =15259 km/s, 0.5 x 0.4, 16.17

SN type info: Ia


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