SN 2010Z

Electronic Telegram No. 2169

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Independent discovery reports have been received for an apparent
supernova in NGC 2797.

Further to CBET 2130, X. Parisky, S. B. Cenko, W. Li, and A. V.
Filippenko, University of California, report the LOSS discovery of the
new object, designated 2010Z, on unfiltered KAIT images.  Also, Simone
Leonini, Siena, Italy, reports the discovery of 2010Z on an unfiltered CCD
image (limiting mag about 18.8) taken during his supernova search program
using a 0.53-m f/7.8 Ritchey-Chretien telescope (+ Apogee Alta U47 CCD
camera) at the Montarrenti Observatory.  The discovery observations are
tabulated below:

 2010 UT       R.A. (2000.0) Decl.      Mag.      Offset           Observer
 Feb. 3.34    9 16 21.30  +17 43 40.6   16.7    5".4 W, 2".4 N     KAIT
 Feb. 8.896   9 16 21.25  +17 43 42.4   15.6    8" W, 4" N         Leonini

Additional approximate magnitudes for 2010Z:  2008 Dec. 30.039, [18.5
(Leonini); 2010 Jan. 15.43 UT, [18.1 (KAIT); Feb. 5.51, 17.0 (J. Brimacombe,
Cairns, Australia; co-added image from six 600-s unfiltered images taken
remotely with a 0.5-m telescope located near Mayhill, NM, U.S.A.).  Leonini
adds that nothing is visible at this position on Palomar Sky Survey
infrared, red, and blue plates.


Host galaxy info: vel= 7782 km/s; 0.68 x 0.57; 14.6g; PECULR

SN type info: II


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