September 2005 Keck Run

This is what observers really do in the control room (which isn't far from the beach, by the way):

(Left) Alice looking professorial at 9:40pm
(Below) Getting bored at 9:50pm - Alison and Alice attempting to pose as Paris Hilton (or was it Tokyo Hilton?)

(Left) Alice's Nth attempt at looking like Paris Hilton
(Below) Prof Shapley at 2am

(Left) Dr Coil at 5am
(Below) Prof Shapley at 5am

(Left) Theorist CP frantically trying to figure out sky lines at 5:10am
(Below) CP happily taking control of the Universe while the real observers snoozed away.

(Left) CP: "Look, we've found dark matter!" Alice: "Uh....."
(Below) A rare moment when everyone was (sort of) awake (5:20am)