Farewell Party for Alice Shapley and Alison Coil at CP's House

(Left) Chefs Alice and Alison
(Below) Alison: "No one is looking-- I'll steal a piece of this cookie."

(Left) Eliot: "Hurry up, Alice. I've been waiting the whole night."

(Left) Alice: "Hey Alison, CP wants me to cut .349 radian per piece. You try it. These theorists are crazy; she could have at least used arcsecs."
(Below) Alison: "Are you sure she knows what an arcsec is? She thinks "c", 2pi and the Hubble radius are all 1."

(Left) Alice: "Ready for some champagne?"
(Below) Dave (Schlegel): "Oops, I think the cork hit a deer."

(Left) A & A in unison: "Chung-Pei really needs to lose weight!"

(Left) Mike: "This is the third party I've been to this month. What about you?" Tzu-Ching: "This is my third tonight."
To be continued.......