Freeke van de Voort

My Netherland days

I grew up in the south of The Netherlands, close to the Belgian border, in two neighbouring villages: Hulsel and Bladel. Bladel is also where I went to school, first at De Sleutelaar and later at Pius X College. When I was 17, I decided to move west to Leiden (which is considered 'far away' in my culture) to study astronomy. This is where I received my science degrees, including my PhD with Joop Schaye.

My postdoc time

The postdoctoral position I've had for the past 4 years is shared between UC Berkeley in California and ASIAA in Taiwan. Even though the majority of my time is spent in Berkeley, Taiwan considers me a resident, whereas the US certainly does not. In October I will start at HITS and Yale, spending the first 2 years in Heidelberg (close to home) and last 2 years in New Haven (back in the US).

My non-astronomy life

I regularly go swing dancing, scuba diving, cycling, and hiking and I also love going to concerts, plays, and improv. In the past I've enjoyed playing the bassoon, hang gliding, and underwater hockey, but I have not gotten around to these activities recently. Throughout my life I have thoroughly enjoyed travelling. However, my current position involves so much travelling, that I have a newfound appreciation for staying home. Since I have always loved bright colours, it is surprising I have only recently discovered the joy of dyeing my hair any colour of the rainbow.