Curriculum Vitae

Joanne D Cohn

Mailing Address:
Dept. of Astronomy
501 Campbell Hall fax (510) 642-3411
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-3411

Research Interests

Physical cosmology:
Cosmic web, galaxy evolution, galaxy clusters, mergers, mock catalogues, analytic models of structure formation, reionization, strong lensing

Positions held

2013-present Senior Space Fellow and Full Researcher, Space Sciences Lab., TAC member, UC Berkeley
2008-2013 Senior Fellow and Associate Researcher, Space Sciences Lab., TAC member, UC Berkeley
2002-2008 Senior Fellow and Assistant Researcher, Space Sciences Lab., TAC member, UC Berkeley
2002-2004 Lecturer, Dept. of Physics, UC Berkeley
2000-2001 Research Associate in the Harvard College Observatory
1999-2000 Associate of the Harvard College Observatory
1997-1999Visiting Research Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Astronomy and Dept. of Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1996-1997 Bunting Fellow (Radcliffe College, Harvard University)
Visiting Researcher, Tufts Institute of Cosmology, MA
1993-1996 Postgraduate Research Physicist X, U of California, Berkeley
1991-93 Research Associate, Fermilab Particle Theory Group
1988-91 Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
1984-88 Research Assistant, University of Chicago, with D. Friedan and S.H. Shenker
string theory
1983 Teaching Assistant, University of Chicago
1981,82 Summer Research Assistant with W.T. Ford and J.G. Smith,
University of Colorado, MAC ee detector at PEP(SLAC)
1980 Summer Research Assistant with D. Winn, Harvard University,
Harvard-Wisconsin-Purdue proton decay experiment-- construction


1988Ph.D., Physics, University of Chicago
Thesis advisors: D. Friedan and S.H. Shenker (superstring theory)
1984 M.S., Physics, University of Chicago
1983 A.B. summa cum laude, Physics, Harvard University

Fellowships, Grants and Awards

2013-2015 DOE Research grant
2012-2014 DOE Research grant
2008-2009 DOE Research grant
2007-2008 DOE Research grant
2002-2005 NSF EXC Research grant
2000 NSF POWRE Award
1997 NSF Career Advancement Award
1996 Bunting Fellow of Radcliffe College
1989,1990 Claire Booth Luce Fellow
1985,86,87 Zonta Amelia Earhart Fellowship
1983-86 University of Chicago McCormick Fellowship
1982 Junior Phi Beta Kappa
1981,1983 John Harvard Scholarship, Elizabeth Carey Agassiz Scholar (honorary)

Conference and School Presentations

2022 Cosmic Cartograpy: Exploring the Cosmic Web and Large-Scale Structure (IPMU, remote)
2018 Paving the way for next generation of cosmological surveys (Sesto)
The Nonlinear Universe (BCCP workshop, Smartno)
2017 Advances in Theoretical Cosmology in Light of Data, NORDITA
The Nonlinear Universe (BCCP workshop, Smartno)
KITP workshop on galaxy formation
2015 Computing the Universe 2015
2014 Santa Fe Workshop on LSST
2013 Kavli IPMU Workshop on Small Scale Structure, Tokyo
2012 Santa Fe Cosmology Workshop on Surveys and Simulations
ICTP Workshop on Large Scale Structure, Trieste
2011 Essential Cosmology for the Next Generation, Puerto Vallarta
Dark Energy Survey Collaboration Meeting, Portsmouth
Santa Fe Cosmology School/Workshop
2010 Snowcluster galaxy cluster meeting, Snowbird, Utah
NAOC workshop on Redshifts Surveys and Large Scale Structure, Beijing
Santa Fe Cosmology School/Workshop
ICTP Summer School in Cosmology, Trieste
2009 DES Cluster Workshop
Santa Fe Cosmology School
2008 IUCAA summer school and workshop on Cosmology, Pune
2007 Clusters of Galaxies as Cosmological Probes
Santa Fe Cosmology Workshop
2006 Cosmological Probes of Baryons and Dark Matter
Galaxy Evolution and Large Surveys (Aspen)
Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics (Florence) Astroparticle and Cosmology Workshop
2005Santa Fe Cosmology Workshop
The Future of Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters, Kona
AAS January meeting
2002 Aspen Meeting on Large Scale Structure
2001 AAS January meeting
2000 ITP miniprogram on the CMB
1999 Santa Fe Workshop on Structure Formation
Aspen Meeting on the Cosmological Constant
APS Division of Particle and Fields, UCLA
1998 COSMO-98, Monterey
Weighing the Universe with Galaxy Clusters, Aspen
From Recombination to Garching, Aug 1998
CAPP, Cosmology and particle physics meeting, CERN, Jun 1998
Fermilab Missing Matter Meeting, May 1998
1997 COSMO-97, Ambleside UK
Aspen Workshop on Precision measurements in cosmology
Boston Area Cosmology Meeting
Aspen Winter Cosmology Conference
1996 XXXIth Moriond Meeting (Microwave Background Anisotropies)
1993 Strings '93
1992 TASI Summer School, guest lecturer
1988 XVII Int. Conf. on Group Theor. Methods in Physics (Montreal)
1987 Cambridge Post-Newtonian String Workshop
Cargese Institute on Non-Perturbative Methods in Field Theory
Ecole Normale Summer Workshop

Students/Postdocs Advised or Mentored

Past: Kenji Kadota (thesis adviser, now at IBS, Korea)
Tzu-Ching Chang (postdoc, now at Taiwan)
Andrew Wetzel (student, now at Caltech)
Renske Smit (student, now at Leiden)
Reiko Nakajima (postdoc, now at Bonn)
Yookyung Noh (thesis adviser, now at Intel)
Han Aung (student, now at Yale)

Service, Other

2001-present organizer/host, Berkeley Cosmology Group seminar
2022 workshop organizer for Reionization and Cosmic Dawn: Looking Forward to the Past (BCCP)
2019 workshop organizer for The Cosmic Web: From Galaxies to Cosmology (Higgs Centre, ROE)
2008-2014 Santa Fe Cosmology School/workshop co-organizer
2007 organizer, CCAPP workshop on AGN in the cosmological context
organizer, Aspen workshop on modelling galaxy clustering
2001-2008 Theoretical Astrophysics Center co-webmaster
2004,2005organizer, LBNL summer cosmology workshops
2003-2005organizer, Theoretical Astrophysics Center seminars
2003organizer, Aspen workshop on cosmology and astrophysics with galaxy clusters
1999-2001 organizer, Theoretical Astrophysics group lunch seminar (CfA)
1999-2000 Director, NSF Chautauqua course on the cosmological constant
Harvard Astronomy Department web page upgrade (adding over 100 pages) and maintenance
1997-1999 guest lectures in Astronomy 250, 199, 396; Physics 480
introductory talks on various current areas of cosmology
cosmology in the news and related web pages
1996 Bunting Institute Public Lecture
1996-present jobs resources web site: Center for Particle Astrophysics, Berkeley
1995 organizer, reading group on superstrings and cosmology, Berkeley
1991-1993 organizer, particle theory group seminars, Fermilab
1992 organizer, summer reading group on black holes and information loss, MIT
1989-1991 created and ran e-mail string theory preprint distribution list (which grew to ~>180 people in several institutions and countries); automated by P. Ginsparg to begin (now distribution system, summer of 1991
1984-1988 started and ran journal club for graduate students, U Chicago
1986 organizer, reading group on topology and geometry in field theory, U Chicago
1984 graduate student adviser on graduate student admissions, U Chicago