Physics and Astronomy Job Hunting Resources

This is a set of lists and pointers that might be useful for a person with physics training who is looking for a job. It is by no means comprehensive, but is being made available in case people find it useful.
this page is only sporadically maintained
updated list of non-academic jobs 12 June 2013

Sections below:
Career References: General, Science
Job listings/pointers: Physics and Astronomy, overseas and (specifically) nonacademic
Job profile questions

General Career References

Resources on Physics/Science Careers

Web Sites with general physics job listings of potential interest

Examples of possible careers, advice on switching from academia

(Not in any particular order, and some categories overlap.)

Job Profiles

This page was created by Joanne Cohn, with help from materials and suggestions by L. Lorenz, M. Schlieker, S. Carlip, A. MacLachlan, G. Harris, Hannah Bernstein (MIT Career Office), Denise Freed, Greg Jensen, Tyson Stevens, Adrian Liu, articles in Physics Today, and people mentioned specifically in particular portions. It is not actively maintained but I try to update it now and then.

Please send suggestions to Joanne Cohn , especially if you would like to give some summary of a career path, to put in the examples of possible careers section. (I am travelling a lot, so I might not get back to you for a little bit. Thanks. - Joanne)