Theoretical Galaxy Merger Calculations

This page is a list of theoretical calculations of galaxy merger rates, with an aim to being complete (please email to add to it). Thanks to Andrew Benson, Nicolas Bouche, Sadegh Kochfar, Jorge Moreno, Kyle Stewart and Jun Zhang for suggestions.
Subhalo merger rates| Subhalos + infall prescription| Halo mergers + dynamical friction
Halo mergers vs. subhalo mergers| Halo mergers in simulations| Analytic Halo merger rates| Subhalo merger clustering

Subhalo galaxy mergers/merger rates

(oldest at top) Subhalo & halo merger rate fitting formulae in boldface

Subhalos + infall prescription

Halo (not subhalo) mergers plus dynamical infall model

Halo merger rates vs. subhalo merger rates

Halo (not subhalo) merger rates/trees in simulations

(most recent first, long history here)

Analytic Halo Merger Rates

(most recent first, long history here)

Subhalo merger clustering

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