Mt Hamilton Visit

From Our Host

From  Wed Jan  8 10:34:03 2003
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 10:33:57 -0800
To: jrg@astron.Berkeley.EDU
From: Jacky Leighton <>
Subject: Confirmation of Class Visit - February 07

Dear James,

This letter is to confirm an evening field trip to the Lick Observatory at Mt. Hamilton on Friday, February 07, 2003, for your graduate seminar  on telescope design.  You may bring up to 40 students, and we ask  that you have a minimum of 15.

The Director has approved your request as an exception to policy, as  we do not encourage evening field trips during the winter season.  We  need to advise you that Lick Observatory personnel reserve the right  to cancel your tour if weather or road conditions are deemed to make  the visit unsafe.

Your host for the evening will be Rem Stone.  Please coordinate your  arrival time with Rem.  Please let your group know that they can look  forward to seeing the 120-inch reflecting telescope (the main  research instrument used by the astronomers at Lick) and learning  about the ongoing research in astronomy and astrophysics and,  hopefully, weather permitting, viewing astronomical objects through  the 36-inch refracting telescope.  Also, your students may purchase  photographs, posters, booklets, T-shirts, etc. at the giftshop.

If you have any questions, you may contact Rem.  He can be reached at  831-459-5933/5938 (office) or at home at 408-274-1809.

Thanks and enjoy your evening.