A Short History of the Astronomical Telscope

Dark adaped human eye: d = 7mm


Squid & Octopus eyes
Squid eye

So why do we need telescopes?


Galileo (1562-1642)






William Herschel's (1738-1822) 48-inch


Melbourne Observatory and 48" f/41.7 Reflector (1869)


Alvin Clark (1888) Lick 36-inch


G. Hale & G. W. Ritchey (1908): Mt Wilson 60-inch



G. Hale & G. W. Ritchey (1917): Mt Wilson 100-inch

  • While the 60" was still under going tests, Hale convinced J.D. Hooker to finance a 100" reflector

  • Anderson, Brown & Hendrix (1948): Palomar 200-inch

    Hubble 2.5-meter Space Telescope (1989)


    The Keck 10-m (400-inch) Telescopes (1992)

    Keck I & II

    Inside the dome

    Keck's segmented mirror


    Adaptive Optics & Laser Guide Stars (2002)


    CELT (2015?)

    CELT & Stonehenge