IRCAL pictures

The IRCAL Dewar

IRCAL is an infrared camera for use with the LLNL AO system at Lick observatory 3-m.

The Dewar Interior

The optical bench (anodized black) can be seen running from bottom left to top right. The dewar window is on the right, the PICNIC 256x256 detector head is at the lower left. The outer dimensions are 12" x 18". This picture shows the double floating radiation shields which give a hold time of 72 hours.

The Leach Electronics Boxes

The IRCAL electronics are a second generation Leach system built by Bob Leach at SDSU.

The Stepper Motor Control Power Supply

The Optical Bench

A very murky picture. Before installation of the filter wheel assembly.

Views of the Dewar Exterior

The preamp box can be seen located on the dewar wall.

Last updated 7 March 2000

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