1 Greg Aldering High-redshift supernovae made ESI
2 Andrew Baker NIRSPEC observations of ULIRGS
3 Jim Beletic Keck HIRES Data Archive
4 Matthew Barczys Faint field galaxies with NIRC2
5 Christine Chen The geometry of the mid-IR emitting dust around AB Aur
6 Michael Cooper DEIMOS data reduction
7 Dawn Erb Star-forming galaxies at z~2
8 Brian Gerke The DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey
9 Andrea Gilbert Super star clusters in starburst galaxies
10 Lynne Hillenbrand TBD
11 Seth Hornstein Limits on the Short Term Variability of Sgr A* in the Near-Infrared
12 Alfred Krabbe  OSIRIS: an integral field AO spectrometer for Keck
13 Shuleen Chau Martin TBD
14 Bryan Mendez TRGB distances to nearby galaxies with LRIS
15 Mark McGovern The NIRSPEC Brown Dwarf Spectroscopic Survey
16 David Le Mignant Io, the movie
17 Jenny Patience AO observations of the Trapezium
18 Lisa Prato The pre-main-sequence spectroscopic binary UZ Tau E
19 Henry Roe Discovery of clouds at Titan's south pole
20 David Sand  The matter density in galaxy clusters
21 Keith Taylor KIRMOS
22 Mike Rich/David Reitzel [Fe/H] for Galactic center globular clusters
23 Matt Richter TEXES: High-resolution mid-IR spectroscopy for Keck
24 Benjamin Weiner The DEEP 1 survey
Jack Lissauer TBD