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Astro/EPS C12
Summer 2008

This is the page for The Planets, Summer 2008.



The syllabus PDF file provides basic course info and lists all course assignments and due dates.

Page 1 of the syllabus lists the topics to be covered in each lecture, book chapter reading assignments, and due dates.



Downloadable versions of the lecture slides will be posted here as a study guide, not a substitute for coming to class, since they lack the detailed commentary (and state-of-the-art demonstrations) given in lecture. Do not distribute these notes outside the class, since they may contain copyrighted material.



Here are a few resources that may be helpful sources for report info.


Reports should be ONLY turned in as hardcopy at the beginning of class, or posted to the REPORTS topic of the C12 facebook discussion group. Do not email me Word or Office documents. Thanks !!


Problem sets are due at the beginning of lecture on the due date. No late assignments will be accepted.