Ethical issues in astronomy education, research and enterprise

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Instructor: Prof. Paul Kalas

Astronomers encounter a series of ethical dilemmas during their careers that need to be resolved correctly if the integrity of the field is to be preserved. These issues may arise while teaching, conducting research, or leading large, long-term projects or missions. The goal of this graduate seminar is to sharpen ethical reasoning, knowledge, awareness and commitment by providing a fundamental background in responsible conduct as a scientist. Among the topics covered: (1) Mentoring, (2) Data management, (3) Peer review, (4) Authorship, (5) Intellectual property, (6) Conflicts of interest and commitment, (7) Research misconduct, (8) Dual use technologies,  and (9) Environmental and Cultural Impact.

Participants should expect weekly reading and writing assignments,  such as the analysis and development of case studies,  and plenty of opportunity for discussion.

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