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Applying Physics and Mathematics to Understanding the Universe

Fall 2012

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Required Problem Sets


Readings from Ryden & Peterson

Readings from Carroll & Ostlie

    Companion website to first recommended text:
Foundations of Astrophysics by Ryden & Peterson

    Companion website to second recommended text:
Modern Astrophysics by Carroll & Ostlie, 2nd Edition


Useful Links

Information on the Astrophysics Major at Berkeley: The Astrophysics Major is light by design, so that students can double major in other technical subjects, such as Physics or Math.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Handbook of Space Astronomy & Astrophysics

Hubble Space Telescope

Chandra X-ray Observatory

American Astronomical Society Homepage

Metric Prefixes (e.g., 1024 = "Yotta"; 10-24 = "Yocto")

NSF Undergrad Research Site

Berkeley Undergrad Research Site

Berkeley Astronomy Undergraduate Research Resources

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