News Programs with Research Ethics Topics

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Another Scientist with His Foot in His Mouth - (NPR Science Friday; listen to 2:22 - 5:30)

Are Scientific Journals Clogged with 'Publication Pollution'? - (NPR Science Friday)

Can Science Be Used as a Diplomatic Tool?-- (NPR Science Friday)

Cheating in Science -- (NPR All Things Considered)

Do Scientists have a Duty to Speak Out? - (NPR Science Friday. Ira Flato)

Expert Finds Bias Among Bias Researchers -- (NPR Talk of the Nation. Neal Conan)

'Immortal" Cells of Henrietta Lacks Live On in Labs -- (NPR Talk of the Nation. Neal Conan)

Italian Earthquake Experts' Confounding Conviction -- (NPR Talk of the Nation. Neal Conan>

Keeping an Eye on Wayward Studies -- (NPR Science Friday, July 10, 2014)

Medical Fraud Missing From Public Record -- (NPR Science Friday. Ira Flato)

Op-Ed: We need more Aaron Swartz-style Hacktivism -- (NPR Talk of the Nation. Neal Conan)

Putting Scientific Research to the Test (2015) - Reproducibility, incentives in publishing (NPR Science Friday 17'27")

Retracted Research -- (NPR Science Friday)

Science and Diplomacy (2015) - Science stewardship, the role of science and scientists for the public good (NPR Science Friday 16'44").

Scientists and the Public Disagree on Key Issues -- (NPR Science Friday. Ira Flato)

Sexual Harassment Allegations in Astronomy (2015) -- Sexual harassment, mentoring, whistleblowing (NPR Science Friday; listen to 0:00 - 3:45)

The Forgotten History of Autism (2015) - Correct attribution in science (NPR Science Friday 16'56")

The 'Nasty Effect': How comments color comprehension -- (NPR Talk of the Nation. Neal Conan)

Thirty Meter Telescope Controversy (2015) - (NPR Science Friday)