Exiled Exoplanet in the News

This past week was fun as the news outlets covered our paper on the HD 106906 stellar flyby.  I made a 20-second video for YouTube that is approaching 5,000 views.  I also created a longer video to summarize the science in greater detail which has 1,000 views.  Outside of the US, people in Poland watched the videos the most at first, but a few days later Spain took over.  Dziękuję and gracias!

It was also very rewarding to talk to journalists as they prepared their pieces, such as Korey Haynes for Astronomy and Discover Magazines, and Charles Choi for Space.com.  Our research was also covered in a second Discover Magazine article because the exoplanet HD 106906 b is analogous to the hypothetical Planet Nine in our own solar system.  In my Goodreads blog I also gave credit to Bob Sanders at UC Berkeley News for his exceptional work in writing our press release.

Finally, we were thrilled that Nobel laureate John Mather sent us a message praising our research and exploring a possible future collaboration to directly image other planets in the HD 106906 system.  Yes, we have a lot more to discover about this enigmatic exoplanetary system!

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