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Pineda, J, Schmiedeke, A., Caselli, P., & Stahler, S. W. 2021, Neutral versus Ion Line Widths in Barnard 5: Evidence for Penetration by Magnetohydrodynamic Waves, ApJ, 912, 7

Ellithorpe, E. A., Duchene, G., & Stahler, S. W. 2019, The Nature of Class I Sources: Periodic Sources in Orion, ApJ, 885, 64

Sadavoy, S. L. & Stahler, S. W. 2017, Embedded Binaries and Their Dense Cores, MNRAS, 469, 3881

Moody, M. L. & Stahler, S. W. 2017, EXors and the Stellar Birthline, AA, 600, A133

Stahler, S. W. 2016, The Myth of Fragmentation, Star Formation Newsletter, 287, 3

Stahler, S. W. & Palla, F. 2014, The Beat of Young Stars, Science, 345, 514

O'Leary, R. M., Stahler, S. W., & Ma, Chung-Pei 2014, Two Paths of Cluster Evolution: Global Expansion versus Core Collapse, MNRAS, 444, 80

Roth, N., Stahler, S. W., & Keto, E. 2014, The Dynamics of Ultracompact HII Regions, MNRAS, 438, 1335

Lee, A. T. & Stahler, S. W. 2014, Dynamical Friction in a Gas: The  Supersonic Case, AA, 561, A84

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Haisch, K. E., Greene, T. P., Barsony, M., & Stahler, S. W. 2004, A Near-Infrared Multiplicity Survey of
Class I/Flat-Spectrum Systems in Six Nearby Molecular Clouds, AJ, 127, 1747

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