UC-CfAO Adaptive Optics Seminar
Tuesday, 12pm - 394 Minor Hall  (campus map)

Contact: Gaspard Duchêne (gduchene -at- berkeley -dot- edu)

This bi-weekly seminar aims at bringing together several communities of adaptive optics users and developers across UC campuses to foster rich exchanges of expertise and experience, continuing the tradition that has grown during the existence of the NSF-funded Center for Adaptive Optics. Talks are intended for mixed audiences from the astronomy, vision science and instrument development communities, providing an up-to-date view of what current adaptive optics systems do and how they will improve in upcoming years.

A video feed is now available to attend the seminar remotely from other campuses. Please contact me for technical details if you are interested in joining.

Spring 2013 schedule

John Codona
U. Arizona
Wavefront Sensing with the Differential Optical Transfer Function (dOTF)
Chris Fassnacht
UC Davis
Taking a sharp look at galaxies and gravitational lenses
Gerald Westheimer
Optical Superresolution and Visual Hyperacuity
04/16 Stuart Jefferies U. Hawaii High-resolution imaging through strong atmospheric turbulence
05/14 Tommaso Pardini LLNL The Adaptive X-Ray Optic project at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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